After grabbing a burger at Kidd Valley the other day it occurred to me that a) I live hamburgers and b) there is no way to pull all my reviews together into a single list of the best burgers. If I missed a few they can also be found here.

This list is simple : eat a burger, stack-rank it. The list will grow over time. Part of the rating will be the “ambiance” that is how enjoyable the setting was. All burgers were eaten while hungry; no force-fed food critic stuff here. If you have a suggestion, let me know!


Raglan Public House San Diego Bacon Cheeseburger Great burger. Great ambiance for “OB” i.e. Ocean Beach San Diego. The burgers are grass fed/organic beef. The tables are all high bar stools. The fries are proper i.e. crispy steak fries. Great beer selection and the staff was great. As of 18 Feb 2016 the top of my list.
Hodad’s San Diego Double bacon cheeseburger Ordered the double bacon cheeseburger… be careful, this thing is HUGE! Glad I didn’t order anything else, that burger was a full meal.

This place is a bit dive-y so expect that. The burgers are *good*, very very good. Tons of crispy bacon, solid condiments, and the burger itself was tasty. Definitely worth stopping by on your way to/from Ocean Beach.

Redmond Bar & Grill Redmond Bomber Burger Best burger in town. This burger has an egg, some sort of sauce, crispy onions, and is just tasty. Once you pick it up you can’t set it down or it will disintegrate. Bring an appetite this one is a stomach-filler.

RBG as we call it is a nice pub. Fries are rustic-cut (could be thicker, but good).

Re:public Seattle Cheeseburger Three years ago I would have ranked this higher but somehow the burger isn’t as good as it was. Still on the Great list and worth stopping by. Place is usually packed but sitting at the bar is a good option. The burger condiments change every few months but just trust them. The fries are *excellent*.
Jak’s Issaquah Bacon Cheeseburger The trouble with having a burger at Jak’s is that the steak is sublime; ordering a burger isn’t optional for dinner (Jak’s New York cut, potato pancakes, swap veg for sauteed mushrooms… trust me). The burger is very good, correctly cooked which is surprisingly difficult these days. Fries are a bit ‘meh’, that is a recurring theme.


Any burger on this list is at least okay, I’d eat there again.

Terra Plata Seattle Bacon cheeseburger Great food, good vibe, attentive service. They knew it was our anniversary and printed a special menu. Sure, it’s a laser printer with “Happy Anniversary” but the attention to detail started the night off right, thanks!!

We will go back, we want to try the deck when the weather is a little nicer.

Note: hard to order the burger as everything on the menu is great

Friedman’s Lunch New York Cheeseburger A welcome burger and beer after a long day of traveling. Service was kind, the burger was good. Fries were so-so. Would definitely return.
Feed Co Redmond Bison burger Nice staff, ambiance is fast food-esque but with an upscale feel. The burgers are a bit too small but they are tasty and they will cook them to order. Skip the fries, they are fairly skinny and not worth it. While it feels like a fast food place in some ways they serve nice beers.
Summit House Crystal Mountain Bacon Cheeseburger The Summit House gets an extra dose of “good” because you’ve been skiing all day and because it sits on top of a mountain which is always better. But the burger itself is good. The bacon is great, the crispy onions are good. The burger itself is good if a tad too small for a real lunch. Skip the fries, they are so-so and not worth the carbs. Start the meal with a Lumberjack, an enormous Bloody Mary with a prawn, bacon, cheese curd, and whatever else they can find to garnish it with.
Kidd Valley Double bacon cheeseburger perfectly fine chain restaurant burger. Minus points for the ambiance of the restaurant; you really don’t want to spend any time here. They also don’t salt their fries which is wrong.

Minus points for American “cheese”

Tipsy Cow Redmond Bacon cheeseburger The place I wanted to like…

It’s in Redmond, already the standards get low. They are focused on local and organic and grass fed, I really really want to like this place. I want to spend money there.

But… the burgers are pretty bland. The beef is good but somehow they just aren’t firing on all cylinders. The fries tend to be limp and sort of cold. The buns are crumbly and not fresh. Bacon is over-cooked. This is an issue of not paying attention to quality in cooking and production rather than ingredients.

I could excuse the wait time, the sort of bored staff, the cold interior, in fact I could even embrace it all if the food was 3-4 star. But it’s not. And it could be without too much trouble.

In-n-Out California Double-double Okay, I know everyone who grew up in California will swear by this burger but the truth? It’s mostly nostalgia. Don’t get me wrong, this is a fine fast-food burger, better than most. But it’s simply not a high end/gourmet burger. So go for it, enjoy, but don’t expect too much.

Note: animal-style is a good option. Grilled onions, pickles, and some extra ketchup/mustard makes it better. Also they will do a mustard-fried burger if you ask and that’s very good.

Joe Allen Paris Cheeseburger Joe Allen does exactly what they claim to do — this is an oasis of America in the middle of Paris. Or almost an oasis, it’s still America as seen through the sensibilities of the French. But for all that it’s still pretty close. The atmosphere is what you imagine the French version of Tony Soprano dining at. The walls have old Hollywood photos (but unlike the Italian joints in the US the stars tend to be non-Italian too which is a little odd somehow).

The bar is a nice spot for a quick beer while waiting for others to show up. Cozy. We were seated promptly and the service was fine throughout the meal.

The menu looked good. If there are other expats out there pining for some American food then brunch here is a solid idea. The eggs benedict looked good and definitely all the dishes looked a cut above Breakfast in America. So if you are looking for the food without some of the diner-ese of BoA then this might work better.

The bacon cheeseburger was nice. Properly cooked and with hand-cut fries it was a treat. One of the best burgers in Paris? Not really. But it was good. One of the amazing things about Paris is that with all the cheeses in France they insist on putting this yellow gloopy crap on top of burgers. If you aren’t going to get it authentic (cheddar) then don’t bother and go for something you do well.

All in all a good experience and next time I am in the area and pining for some “home” food I will stop by.

Pig Pen Saloon Park City Cheeseburger Got into Park City late in the afternoon and we were hungry. Ordered wings and burgers.

On the plus side: the burger was good, fairly large. The IPA I ordered was also a nice treat.

The bad: wings, ordered an appetizer came out after the burgers. Thankfully they were tasty. Also… I know it’s picky but don’t serve burgers with chips. No one wants those. Either do fries as is the American way or do something weird like kimchi coleslaw. But not chips.

The usual: it’s a ski town, service is going to be part slow, part stoned, and part just wanting to hit the slopes. Can’t beat the location though!

Coffee Parisien Paris Cheeseburger

For the reviewers who say “big portions”… Clearly not been to the US. This is a decent burger joint, the food is okay, atmosphere strives for American diner. Usually a lot of moms with kids looking for a simple quick meal and unwilling to sink to McDo’s. Will do in a pinch for homesick expats but there are far better burgers in town.

Henry’s Paris Cheeseburger

Busy place on a Sunday. We were initially seated in the back but when a table opened outside we asked to move. The back of the restaurant is where they put strollers and small kids.

The food? Same thing as Coffee Parisien more or less. Decent burgers, potato cake instead of fries (really odd choice ). The one unusual thing is this is the first place I have seen in Paris which serves root beer.

King Charley’s Drive-in Snohomish Cheeseburger So so. Love the style and always happy to support a local business.

But… the burgers are unremarkable. Onion rings blah. We skipped fries given earlier reviews.

Shakes were fine.

If you’re nearby and starving, fine. Otherwise  keep driving

North Bend Bar and Grill North Bend Cheeseburger I didn’t love it. There, I said it. And I wanted to. The vibe is good. Good beer selection. And the menu was extensive.

But the burger was just okay. The steak fries were flaccid. The bun was crumbly and tired. Maybe just a long week?

Note: the chicken-fried steak isn’t very good either.

Below the line

Burgers listed here are simply unacceptable and should be avoided. If the burger ever saw a microwave, it’s on this list.

  1. McDonald’s: simply terrible stuff, the meat will make you sick. Even at $2 for two burgers it’s simply not worth it.