8 years ago – Venice water taxi

K had never been to Venice and before we left Europe (that time!) we needed to fix that. Wonderful trip. If you have the means, I highly recommend taking the water taxi from the airport to Venice proper. Yes, there are other ways. But this is just better.

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The Elkay Water Dispenser

In these troubled and harried times can I just say thank you for the Elkay water dispensers that are popping up all over? It seems like such a simple idea – carry a water bottle of some sort and just refill it.

  1. If you are watching your diet nothing is as good as a little extra water.
  2. If you are worried about plastics in the ocean (you should be) then you can use a re-usable water bottle. And even if you need to carry a dolphin-killing plastic water bottle ( 🙂 ) you can still refill it and reduce plastic use that way.

I love when it’s this easy to get a big win for me and for the environment. Sure, you could do this with a normal water dispenser but these suckers are made for water bottles.


Cheat day is over, back to reality

I splurged on cheat day yesterday and I feel kind of groggy and slow today. I guess that is expected. Today though I am back to primal living. I made eggs and bacon for breakfast this morning along with a small tomato/basil salad. I had two espressos and two Sigg bottles full of water, I think this is roughly 1.5 liters. As I got hungry around 10:30 I ate small piece of leftover New York steak and an apple. I am roughly 30% done with “The Primal Blueprint” now. I have not encountered anything about how much water to drink so I am drinking as much as I want to. Of course the difficulty with water is usually the reverse. During most days I am busy and I forget to drink water. My strategy is to carry my trusty Sigg bottle with me. The bright red Swiss can reminds me to drink water and as a souvenir from living in Switzerland is just makes me happy to have it around.

Interestingly I also needed a nap today. I was napping heavily our last month in France but this is the first time I have felt the need for a midday rest since moving.

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Back in the saddle on Sunday

I had a decent slow-carb day, let’s call it a 5/10. I had some amazing bratwursts while watching football. The brats were good, the sauerkraut was great, spicy and with a lot of garlic. The negatives here came from eating one brat on a bun. For the second i decided the bun was sort of flavorless and didn’t help out so I went straight to brat+kraut. Worked fine. And I had perhaps four beers while watching football.

Dinner was a gorgeous 400g New York strip steak with a big helping of spinach salad. I had three glasses of wine, could have cut that part back I guess.

I notice I am not drinking as much water as back home. There I have a one liter Sigg bottle and try to drink three of those each day. Somehow without the visual reminder I don’t consume as much water. So off to the store for a Sigg bottle of some sort.

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