New experiment – no Twitter or Facebook on mobile

Yesterday I noticed how many notifications I got from these two apps. And I wondered – rather than disable notifications what if I just removed the apps? Would I care? Notice? I enjoy both services but will now need to access these via laptop which means once or twice per day.

So I did. And now let’s see if my world is a little less cluttered, a bit less noisy.

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Twitter lists on mobile; impossible?

I looked all through the UI. I searched the Twitter support pages. I searched the Internet and found several people asking the same questions on Quora. But I can’t find a good answer anywhere to such a simple question.

Why can’t I manage Twitter Lists from my mobile device? The more I use Twitter the more I need to segment the feeds. Humor is different than Tech is different than Social Media, I don’t always want them jammed together. My primary use of Twitter is mobile and yet I need to revert to my PC and browser to manage a list.

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It’s A Facebook World … until it’s not

It’s A Facebook World … until it’s not

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