December Challenge – uh oh…

So far it’s been fairly hit or miss. I was traveling for work and that is never easy. Although I kept food fairly good I wasn’t great. And somehow when I got home I had a touch of a cold and am craving comfort food. Comfort food for me typically means chicken noodle soup with saltines, ham sandwiches, and of course a single trip to Jersey Mike’s for a #2, Mike’s way.

So back at it. Today has been pretty solid for the most part.

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December Challenge – 50g of carbs or less daily

Last year in December I tried to hit “keto”. For me this is something like 37g net carbs daily. Which isn’t a lot. An apple and a tomato and bam! over. Even innocuous things like peanuts can really get you.

But… when I tried for 3 weeks last year I got leaner. I felt better. I dealt better with travel stress. I consumed less bad food. A lot of folks asked “isn’t that hard during the holidays?” And it was. But then again it’s hard every month and this is the month that is the darkest, dreariest, and the time when I best could use a bit of a reset before the dreaded January resolutions.

So here we go, my goal is 50g or less, ideally 37g, and I will track and post as best I can throughout this holiday month. Check back for progress.

(aside: 50g yesterday, about 60g today as I had a bun with my hamburger but otherwise was solid today).

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Wrapping up Dietcheat Day and looking to February

I didn’t manage to cram all the food I wanted in yesterday. I ate some lovely pain au chocolat. I had a galette. But I missed the kebab and French fries. Next week I guess.

Tomorrow is the end of the month which means I need to add a new habit or resolution for February. As noted in my January 1st post rather than outlining an ambitious single goal for the new year (and then failing) I am tackling one new habit each month in an attempt to slowly and steadily make progress to my overall goal of being healthier, wealthier, and wiser. Or just to enjoy more out of life each day.

I have been decent at following Tim Ferriss’ slow-carb diet as laid out in “The Four Hour Body”. Certainly there have been mistakes and days when I skipped. But I was focusing mostly on potato consumption which is the hardest part for me and I did well there. At times eating out I ate food I would never order e.g. fish in order to avoid the side dish of potatoes. I will weigh in tomorrow and also take a few minutes to take key measurements so I can compare waist, arms, etc and not just weight next month.

For February consideration:
1. Continue with the slow-carb diet. Some references on Ferriss’ blog indicate the key weight loss occurs during weeks 4-6. I’d hate to stop too early.
2. Switch diets to a Paleo diet or even take more steps to a Paleo lifestyle. “Mark’s Daily Apple” has some nice strategies and workout regimes I could incorporate into my lifestyle.
3. Is it time to sign up for an event, eg a marathon? This is a difficult month as we are moving internationally at the end of the month but maybe having a goal would help. To be honest I am running every other day and doing some workouts on the Kinect (love it!) but could be a little more rigorous.
4. One of these monthly resolutions needs to add daily language lessons. I have a decent base of French right now, I’d hate to lose that. I also need to get a guitar-playing habit in here but that might wait until later and I will just pluck the thing and sing a bit for now.
5. Sleep. I don’t have any major travel planned this month and fixing my sleep cycle is critical.

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Gallete complète

Galette complète and cider. Perfect second breakfast on a cold day.

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Another Saturday, Another Dietcheat Day

The scale read 93.1 kilos this morning. Not great. That’s down from 94.6 which is my math is correct at this ungodly hour is 1.5 kilos (or 3.3 pounds for old-fashioned people). I am certainly not seeing the dramatic weight loss others are claiming on the 4 Hour Body/Slow-Carb diet. There are glitches in my program to be sure and I will keep working on this for a while.

One other interesting note Tim Ferriss and the paleo crowd tend to miss is the impact of long-distance travel. I travel for work a lot and the nine hour time difference is brutal. Nothing messes with my body like jet lag.

But I digress… it is Saturday, I’ve been awake since 3:30am thanks to the aforementioned jet lag. I just ate a third of a toasted baguette. I plan on running this morning as it’s clear and sunny (forecasted) and then dropping down to the market for galette. For those who don’t know, galette is a savory crepe. And the husband/wife duo who make these in the market are a show unto themselves. And the outcome is a buckwheat crepe with egg, ham, and cheese. It’s hot and delicious and steams on a cold morning (-2C here this morning).

After the crepe I plan on going downtown and getting a kebab. With fries. And probably find a beer too. Dinner is almost certainly pizza or something like that.

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Ah, my favorite French dish, cassoulet. This version is meatier than I tend to make but very good. Paired with a lovely house red (bio/organic) it’s an ideal lunch.

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Crispy nut and herb fried chicken

This recipe is adapted from Mark’s Daily Apple, a site dedicated to “primal” diet and health. I admit I am intrigued by “primal” or “paleo” even though I am healthily skeptical of some of the claims.


  • Chopped almonds. The original recipe calls for chopping nuts in a food processor. I don’t have one here so I bought finely chopped almonds.
  • 4 chicken breasts
  • 2 Eggs
  • Olive oil
  • Herbs, in my case herbes de provence and some ginger


The chicken should be rinsed and then patted dry with a paper towel. Add olive oil to the skillet and bring to a medium heat (hot enough that water droplets will crackle when sprinkled). I use enough to cover the pan to a depth of 1cm.

Crack two eggs into a bowl, whisk. On a plate mix the chopped almonds and herbs and spread the mix out. Dip the chicken breasts into the egg wash, then “bread” them in the almond/herb mixture.

Make sure the oil is hot enough to fry. If it’s too cool then the chicken will be soggy and greasy. Fry the chicken until golden brown and the inside is done (I go for~150F as the chicken will cook a little more when it’s removed from the oil. I think the guidelines are higher but I don’t worry as much if I buy quality chicken). Put the chicken on a plate with paper towels to absorb any extra oil.

In our case we served it with leak-vinaigrette terrine. Beautiful meal. The only improvement next time is getting more coarsely-ground almonds to make the chicken crunchier.

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