Spotify fails at reducing email noise

One of my resolutions for 2014 is reducing the amount of email I get. Part of that goal is simply unsubscribing from email I don’t read.

This morning Spotify sent me a useless note that a playlist I subscribe to had tracks added. Not only do I not care, now I need to delete the email. So I click deactivate. And then need to log in which is difficult since I have a million passwords. Okay, fine, I log in. And am not taken to the page where I can unsubscribe. Now that I am logged in I go back to email, click deactivate and am finally taken to the correct page.

Why is this so hard? Pizza Hut in France has a simple unsubscribe link and it was so easy I didn’t even need to speak French to sort it out. Other sites allow me to click unsubscribe and it just works.

Total failure for Spotify, this isn’t hard, most mailer companies support a simple unsubscribe link.