An interesting thing about Facebook…

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An interesting thing about Facebook is that 10 years ago it prompted you “Paul is…” and then you just did a brief blurb. No news, no stories, limited photos. As a result I get blurbs like this from 10 years ago that I cannot really decode anymore.

I assume I was caught in a rainstorm of some type. Or maybe went running?

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10 years ago – first lunch in Paris

10 years ago today we had just moved to Paris. We wandered the city and eventually wound up at a lovely little bistro in the 16th.

We are really overdue for a trip / visit / relo back to Paris.

I don’t have a specific photo from the cafe but this is definitely the right day and area


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10 years ago – on the train to Paris

10 years ago we finally had our visas and were on the TGV headed to Paris. It was a little daunting – we had moved to Zurich 10+ months earlier. We had spent a lot of energy learning German (cough) and figuring things out. And then we were moving from small, safe, mellow Zurich to big, difficult, dirty (coming from Zurich everything is dirty), Paris.

I remember being at the train station and getting a final cervelat (Swiss sausage found really nowhere else). Susan – “I am so done with sausage”. It was intimidating moving the family but we had a great job (thanks Microsoft!) and kids were heading to a great school (thanks International School of Paris!).

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Book: The Coral Thief

I just finished reading The Coral Thief. I’m not entirely sure how to classify this book. It’s not a thriller, it’s not just historical fiction, and it’s certainly not a mystery or even a love story. Well… it is a love story of a kind in which the author clearly loves Paris.

The plot is fairly simple: boy meets woman on a stagecoach, woman robs boy, boy falls in love with woman. The rest is fairly boilerplate and would be a dull slog if not for the fact that the writing is compelling, the characters at times rise above average, and the historical setting of post-Napoleon Paris is enchanting. At times the characters are cliché – the tough French inspector (Javert apparently), the mysterious stranger, the ex-royal now turned thief, etc. You’ve seen these characters before. But the story holds together for all that as it’s stitched with lovely images of Paris before the Paris you know now. You will still know the Marais, but now instead of a tourist-thronged mess it was a warren of thieves and beggars. You will be amazed to hear of people washing clothing in the Seine.

I recommend seeing “Midnight in Paris” before reading this book. It will help set the right tone.

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Five years since we moved back ?!?

The big apartment move starts today

Source: Checking in as we check out | Bricin

It’s hard to believe that five years ago we started to pack our Paris apartment and then move back to the United States. I don’t know if the surprise really is how long we’ve been gone or how incredible the memories still are.

Living in France is still part of the long-term plan, just not quite yet.

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Prepping for Techdays 2012


Spent the week in Paris meeting students and design schools and speaking at TechDays 2012. Good fun, hard work.

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Prepping for Techdays 2012


Spent the week in Paris meeting students and design schools and speaking at TechDays 2012. Good fun, hard work.

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