Every journey starts with a single step

After leaving Microsoft and then doing fun work at Amazon it was time for me to try something, well, smaller. So I tried my own startup – Bonavika was an attempt to reduce distracted driving. It was a good idea but we were such rookies. Eventually I needed to make some money so I went to a funded, ~120 person company, Cyanogen. That was a good experience with some ups and downs. The key thing though is I knew I wanted to keep working on the smaller, entrepreneurial side – well – as long as I don’t run out of money:-)

May 23rd we published the first step of my newest leap of faith – Ramp Catalyst. Please check out our website. Clearly the paint is still dripping and we have some procedural work to get to.

More to come later.

I installed Circa, the latest hot news app. And it looks and feels good. No doubt about it.

But I don’t see uninstalling Flipboard any time soon. Why? Circa is hand-curated news and a quick glance at their feed shows not a single article I want to read.

Good luck, but without the content, serendipity, and discovery this is pretty limited.