Wednesday gym challenge

Food was the downfall today. I missed lunch so I grabbed a Chicago dog – should have just powered through and called it an intermittent fast. Then we had an after work social event – I don’t think beer is on many healthy diet lists.

On the good side: continued 100 pushup challenge and started Couch to 5k for those days I cannot get to the gym. Also meditated, drank tons of water.

Sunday – still Day 0

This is, I believe, day 3 of Day 0. But really! The challenge starts at midnight.

To recap:

  1. 5 workouts per week
  2. 120 ounces of water daily
  3. Primal eating except for Fridays

So it’s Sunday and of course I have the dreaded airport/flight experience going on. How did I do?

  1. Breakfast – eggs and leftover steak
  2. Lunch – two bowls of chowder and a nice chicken/leek salad. I even at cleanly on the airplane. Delta offers you chips and such (I love potato chips) but I deferred and had a few almonds instead. IMG_20180506_154621.jpg
  3. Dinner – ribeye, aparagus, Brussels sprouts.
  4. Workout – nope. I was up late Saturday night and missed my planned workout. Which means I have to hit the hotel gym tomorrow morning. Of course… hotel gyms are terrible. I might just jog over to a field and do some pushups and such.


Day 0 of the challenge

Officially today is the first day of the gym challenge. While I am weighed and scanned (gym has an InBody scanner now, hooray) the kickoff starts today with a baseline workout and then a Q and A session.

From Friday:

Breakfast – good

Lunch – shawarma had pita bread so not good. But fairly light on calories.

Dinner – steak, veggies, some cheese. More wine than my diet would allow on non-Fridays. Small cup of gelato for dessert.

Body: sore from two days of back-intensive workouts. I see a foam roller in my future.

Egg and cheese “omelette”