5 years later: Photoshop for iPad Live Demo (Eric Reagan/Photography Bay) | Bricin

Another sign that the iPad is moving closer and closer to replacing many PCs. I assume the small screen size will be a blocker to some actions being simple, but those aren’t mainstream. My guess is…

Source: Photoshop for iPad Live Demo (Eric Reagan/Photography Bay) | Bricin

The two things that stand out from this post from five years ago:

  1. The iPad has not replaced laptops at work. While Apple has sold that vision and is still selling that vision if you walk into any office building you will see people using laptops. Why? At a guess the deciding factor is still the keyboard. While some people like me will invest in becoming good at typing on an iPad for most a keyboard and mouse is still critical. Maybe in five years the new iPad Pro + stylus will change this but for the moment that doesn’t seem to be true. And I was certainly more enthusiastic about this iPad reality then than I am now.
  2. The news source from which I originally gleaned this story doesn’t appear to exist anymore. It’s amazing that a business could be up, running, and then gone in the span of five years. That *shouldn’t* surprise me but it does. Somehow I thought web content would be more robust than other businesses in the sense that it’s often easier to simply let it linger on an isolated, dead-end server than to take it offline.

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