Nothing *must* last forever

Foot-in-Mouthbook, as it were

Source: Facebook Has Lost the Plot – 500ish Words

Would it be hindsight to say that Facebook’s current run of troubles feels a bit like Microsoft in the late 90s? Powerful company. Running on all cylinders. No real competitor in most senses of the word. Widely recognized as being home to geniuses. And hey, for those of us old enough to remember, Microsoft had beat the pants off its earlier competitors largely because those other companies made incredibly stupid decisions.

Of course then came the DOJ/anti-trust years and Microsoft never recovered.

This might not be the death blow for Facebook (it probably isn’t). But it goes to show that there are no guarantees. You might be an 800 pound gorilla but if you act badly enough sooner or later you need to fix things. Or you will get crushed (and trust me – if Facebook gets regulated it will get crushed. It’s not that regs that get you necessarily it’s ensuring compliance and all the baggage that comes with that).

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