January goal: less email

For the past year my goal around fitness was to change or fix or instill one new habit each month. I tracked that at http://fitnow.posterous.com.

This year I am doing the same thing for my brain, writing, career, etc.

For January my goal is less email. Email is at times a great communication tool. But it suffers from immediacy, lasting impact, and frankly it tends to make me cranky more often than not. I send a well-crafted email and get back “okay”. Or someone responds to an email thread which is stale and has moved on days ago. It’s pointless at times.

I will rely on a few tools:
Facebook messages
Tumblr of course
Path (if I can get anyone else over there)
Google+ (same comment as Path)
IM a lot more
Walk and talk
Writing real plans and documents and then sharing them.

I’ll report back on my success rate. Will communication get better? Richer? Deeper? Will I be less cranky (probably not:-)?

I assume this won’t work

I assume this won’t work