Thank you until the next time

God what a run we had!

We are on our way to Iceland for a short decompression before we go home. What a hell of an adventure!!! We left Seattle on October 19th 2007 a whopping 1223 days ago. We intended to spend a year or two in Zurich. Instead we spent less than a year there and now over two years in Paris. I look back on my post from our first day in Zurich and just think how amazingly hard that move was, how different landing in a strange world for us, and how well everyone adapted and even thrived. When we moved the kids were still little boys; now as we return neither boy could be called little. Susan earned her Master’s Degree while in Europe. Some of us failed spectacularly in learning German or French but hey, better to leave something undone for the next time around.

We have done a lot in our time here. We have skied all over the Alps, we have vacationed in the Calanque, we have visited Italy numerous times. During our time in Zurich we hiked the hills and walked all over that lovely little city. In Paris we have feasted both on food and on the sites and the energy if this amazing, wonderful, stunning city. We have taken weekend trips to London, Dublin, Sardinia, Rome, and the French countryside.

But most of all we have met so many wonderful people. We were welcomed into the communities in which we worked, went to school, and socialized. We have friendships we’ll carry with us wherever we go in this world. And we have learned so much about different cultures and the way people go about living their lives. We could never have done any of this without the friends we’ve made. So for everyone we have met and who helped us through this journey, thank you so much. And to all the friends and family back home who cheered us on, supported us from afar, dealt with weepy Skype calls at odd hours, we love you all and will see you soon.

Some photos here, they can never capture the entirety.

With much love,

Susan, Paul, Liam, and Kellen

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