Well that’s a new one

I’ve broken plenty of the lightweight bands. And the smaller bands we use for glute bridges, monster walks, etc…. well that’s weekly.

But a big green band doing glute/hamstring work. Good lord, either a) this band was old and doomed and sad or b) I am a monster. I am going with ( b ).

Fight me.


Good to be back at the gym

I got injured during a recent Crossfit competition and I’ve had a hard time getting back to the gym. Some of the that is due to work travel. Some of that is due to the massive wildfire smoke we’ve had in the Northwest. Some of that is due to not being able to fully do the workouts i.e. modify them to allow for the fact that I cannot do any pulling movements at the moment. Modifying is really hard and it takes away some of the joy of a Crossfit workout. I know it shouldn’t and as a coach I’ll tell people it doesn’t matter. And yet somehow I find motivation in not modding a workout. Looks like I have one more thing to work on 🙂

Anyway, good to be back. I did pushups instead of power cleans and rode the Assault Bike instead of running.


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British Military Fitness –> Crossfit

Five years ago I wrote about an app, British Military Fitness. The app is fairly simple: you listen to an instructor and he tells you to do a workout. Simple, right? Turns out those workouts are killers. They are a mix of situps, pushups, jumping jacks, sprints, etc. These are all bodyweight moves and designed to be done in a park i.e no weights and no gym.

Five years later I do Crossfit five times a week. And as I look through the workouts they really aren’t that different except Crossfit uses heavy weights at times. Amazing how nothing much really changes — you can’t get away from the idea of moving your body rapidly through space to stay healthy.

What is interesting is it looks like the company behind British Military Fitness has given up on the app. Their main website and coursework is all current and fresh but the app site itself shows an iPhone 3 and their Twitter support page hasn’t been updated since 2010. The app’s Facebook page is also offline. Sad to see this app go away but this is an opportunity for someone to step in and keep up the good, simple, work.

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Crossfit Open 15.3 : The Day CrossfitHQ Jumped the Shark

I quit the Crossfit Open Games this year. I struggled for some time about my rationale for that. I thought about possible reasons:

  • I work a full time job, I work out daily, adding stress isn’t a good thing.
  • I’ve been struggling with injuries lately, time to ease back.
  • The programming has been bad, e.g. 15.2 was just poor programming.
  • It’s not fair.

But on examination I can argue against my own points in each case. So I won’t belabor that. What really got me about this year’s Open is that for the first time ever Crossfit was UNDEMOCRATIC.

Crossfit is founded on an ethos that fitness if for everyone. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your background is, or how old you are. As the Crossfit web site (http://www.crossfit.com/cf-info/what-is-crossfit.html)states “The aim of CrossFit is to forge a broad, general and inclusive fitness”. Generally speaking for the past three years I would vehemently agree with this. I workout daily with people older, younger, fitter, less fit, and just about anything in between.

The Crossfit Open Games historically has also followed that mantra. But this year the Games organizers did a few new things, the most interesting one was the creation of a “Scaled” class. These would be easier versions of the “Prescribed” or Rx workouts. That sounds great on paper. But here is the sticking part: the best Scaled workout score will always score lower than the worst Rx. Huh? That isn’t how it works at the gym every day when we all have our scores on the whiteboard.

What this means is that for workout 15.3 (third workout in 2015) if I do 150 wallballs and 150 single unders (a movement by the way we never do at the gym) I will score worse than the person who can hack a single Muscle Up. Huh? How does that align with the vision of fitness? How is that inclusive?

Jumping the Shark

I don’t know what the goal of this year’s Open is. People tell me that it’s a balancing act between getting the best athletes in the world into Regionals and then the Finals vs. including everyone. And this year they broke the deal. The thing is: all of the past Opens sorted out the best athletes in the world and also allowed all of us to score/compete in the same way. Or is CrossfitHQ telling us that somehow Froning’s wins just weren’t valid because the Open workouts weren’t hard enough?

Worse for Crossfit is that this sense of elite vs. non-elite isn’t going to work. When did Nike become the ubuitous company it is? When it found a way to open running to the general public in the early 70’s. Before that running was a sport for an odd species of nut who wanted to suffer (sound familiar Crossfit people?). And then Nike found some decent running shoes1, sponsored a few races, and now it seems like everyone has run a 5K, a “color run”, maybe a half or full marathon. Nike is everywhere.

Crossfit has decided that rather than expand to the every-person their marquee event will now be closed to the few, the truly elite athletes. And that’s fine I guess, it’s their business. But it saddens me that it leaves out weekend-warriors and middling athletes and most importantly the wannabe who could think “hey, I did that 10% slower than the pros, maybe if I just trained a little harder”. CrossfitHQ decided to squash that dream this week.

And Now What

I’m very much at peace with this decision. I will continue to do Crossfit 4-5 times a week as it helps me reach my true goal of always being fit. I will continue to participate in local competitions as long as those competitions stay fun, open, and interesting (I had more fun at the Elysian Games and the Crossfit 425 throwdown in 2 days than in 10 days at the Open). And I may branch out; maybe it’s time to run a bit more, or dust of the bicycle or go check out Grid (which is basically Crossfit Games for retired pro athletes).

  1. We can argue of course as to whether those running shoes were a good thing or not ↩

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When People Start Grunting And Yelling During WODS Too Excessively


Well yes, true enough.

But sometimes the sounds just happen. A grunt or a wheeze or whatever just sort of escapes. I imagine it’s what little life force I have left in me escaping.


When Someone Who Cheats Claims They Got A Better Score Than Me


I make a difference for people who lost count vs. simply cheating. More than once I’ve finished and couldn’t for the life of me recall how many round I had done.

This also helps me practice mental health: it’s only a competition with myself after all, right? If you figure out how, let me know.


Re: CF Open 2014 Programming

Re: CF Open 2014 Programming