50% of the horsemen are upon us

Clearly Christmas is nigh as 2/4 of the horsemen of Christmas have arrived:

1. Tom & Jerry’s arrived (Burke/Steckler family tradition which started with Bill and Sharon’s parents originally so it has legs)
2. Fairytale of New York (best Christmas song ever, fight me) was played, officially kicking off Christmas music time.

We are halfway there. When the 3rd and 4th horsemen appear, we will have Christmas. I might struggle a bit with the theology of this whole thing but I am fairly confident this is in the Bible somewhere in Revelations. Or Luke maybe. Or perhaps Leviticus. It’s kind of a long read.

For those who cannot wait, the next horsemen are
3. The arrival of elves on December 1st.
4. Someone, somewhere, will have some sort of family drama which is not very important or interesting but will shine like the star that led the Magi to the stable (metaphorically). And like the Magi and the stable we will never hear about it again (honestly, what happened to those guys, Balthazar, Melchior, and Gaspar anyway??)

Lo! the horsemen of Christmas are upon us!