I finished reading “The First…

I finished reading “The First Law Series” recently. You can find info on Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/series/43644-the-first-law. I enjoyed the series for the most part. I panned & scanned on a lot of the battle pages but somehow I wound up liking the characters across this trilogy. We have an anti-hero that never quite gets his heart of gold. A berserker warrior who most of the time seems kind of old and crusty, and a heartless female warrior who was really well written I thought.

My gripes? The ending. It just left me cold and bored and wondering why do authors not partner with others? For instance I love Neal Stephenson’s writing but half the time his endings are just a huge let down (looking at you “Baroque Cycle”).

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Spinning Silver – highly recommended

I enjoyed Naomi Novik’s earlier book, ‘Uprooted’. It was a fine read, nice fantasy story. In Spinning Silver she takes it a step farther – more fantasy, better world creation, and definitely better use of old fairy tales (I had to go look some up from time to time).

This would make a superb movie.


Quick Book Review: I Suck at Girls

It’s the holidays. I have a huge backlog of things to read, I know I need to improve my brain, I can always learn new things. But sometimes you need a bit of cotton candy. And this book landed at $3.79 so I was okay taking a bit of a flyer (on Kindle).

I knew Justin Halpern from his “Shit My Dad Says” tweets but didn’t understand how that could make a book so I never read it. But the sample I downloaded of his second book “I Suck at Girls” was exactly the fluff I needed. Did I laugh? A few times. There were moments that would resonate I think with any male who grew up in the past 30 years. It’s funny. If you liked Dave Barry in his prime then there are flashes of this. But they are flashes and not solid stretches of humor; when Dave Barry was fresh I had to stop reading because my stomach hurt from laughing. In the end this is pretty much a collection of funny things his dad says in reaction to his life and at some point that well runs dry as the foul-mouthed sayings just get in the way.

Summary: unless you need an hour or so of escapist and largely vapid humor then nope, stick to the serious and/or good stuff on your booklist.

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Help pick October’s Book Club choice!

We hope you’re enjoying the first month of our book club, where we’ve just moved on to Chapters 6 through 8 of Ubik. With a few weeks left to go, it’s time to decide what we’ll be reading in October. I’ve plucked a few titles from the suggestions thread and put them below; which one we read is up to you. If there’s a theme to this month, it’s “books I really should have read by now,” so I’ll do my best to point you to better sources than myself when describing them.

Not sure which book will be the final choice for October but I was intrigued by The Islanders so it’s on my Kindle now. The choice for me was made easier by the fact that I have read Foucault’s Pendulum and Old Man’s War.

I like the idea of having a book assigned every month, reading it, writing about the outcome, and then doing it again. Maybe it reminds me of college and with the gray skies and leaves turning colors I wish I was going back to school somehow.