Wish I read this sooner…

Seth Godin had a nice blurb today…

Don’t finalize the logo before you come up with a business plan that works.

Don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your vacation policy before you have a product that people actually want to buy.

I am still noodling over a longer post mortem write-up for the fact that my startup didn’t get off the ground. But part of the reason, one of many, is that I forgot to think about the big questions all the time and so often thought about the smaller things.

Sure, sometimes it’s fun to work on the logo and you need a break from the business plan. But too often I focused on the logo (or the email system or ….) before I focused on the product. I feel stupid in hindsight, but then again everything is easier in hindsight.

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Seth’s Blog: A manifesto for small teams doing important work

If you make a promise, set a date. No date, no promise.If you set a date, meet it.If you can’t make a date, tell us early and often. Plan B well prepared is a better strategy than hope.Clean up your own mess.Clean up other people’s messes.Overcommunicate.Question premises and strategy.Don’t question goodwill, effort or intent.

Source: Seth’s Blog: A manifesto for small teams doing important work

A very timely reminder about working on a small team.

  • Over-communicate – At a big company you will be *flooded* with information, usually email. It’s hard to separate the signal from the noise. With a small team it’s the opposite; nothing comes in. Does that mean nothing is happening? Or is something happening but we aren’t communicating. These touch-points are important.
  • Set a date – this is true for all projects, at all times. Sure, if you are doing agile then your date is “sometime in the span of the next sprint” but that sprint is time-bound so the date is a range, but still a commitment.

The rest are good, these two caught my eye.

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