February review – definitely a mixed bag

My goal in February was “no complaining“. There are some rules around this e.g. you can complain but only when presenting a good solution.

How did I do? Well… 47% feels about right. It was a tough month for a lot of reasons:

  • The current political climate
  • A few injuries limiting me at the gym
  • And so on…

But it was better than nothing and overall I liked the frequent reminder not to just bitch and whine.

I cannot recommend the Loop Habbit tracker enough by the way. Far and away the best tool for this kind of thing.

Lose It


For one week… I will track my intake and exercise with Lose It.

I did this years ago while we were living in France. My food choices are a melancholy walk down memory lane. Baguette. Tranche de poulet. Cassoulet.

I’ll report back on the good, the bad, and the ugly. My initial impression is wow, this app is hard to use. But maybe once I have my food choices in I can dial this in a little better.

I have used LoseIt for roughly two weeks. Not every day and not perfectly, but 90%. The results:

  1. I eat too many carbs, usually 150-200 grams per day.
    2. No weight loss although I am confident my intake is cleaner when I record things.

Those carbs are sneaky little buggers. I like tomatoes a lot, carbs. Coconut water is a good drink for Crossfit; 15 grams. I don’t intend to give up health things like tomatoes or coconut. But that does mean I need to dial down the carbs elsewhere (hello beer, I’m talking to you).

The weight loss piece… well, I need to get leaner this month for a competition in October. So my goal: keep using LoseIt but also do weekly body measurements to see where the belly is trending.