Sunday – still Day 0

This is, I believe, day 3 of Day 0. But really! The challenge starts at midnight.

To recap:

  1. 5 workouts per week
  2. 120 ounces of water daily
  3. Primal eating except for Fridays

So it’s Sunday and of course I have the dreaded airport/flight experience going on. How did I do?

  1. Breakfast – eggs and leftover steak
  2. Lunch – two bowls of chowder and a nice chicken/leek salad. I even at cleanly on the airplane. Delta offers you chips and such (I love potato chips) but I deferred and had a few almonds instead. IMG_20180506_154621.jpg
  3. Dinner – ribeye, aparagus, Brussels sprouts.
  4. Workout – nope. I was up late Saturday night and missed my planned workout. Which means I have to hit the hotel gym tomorrow morning. Of course… hotel gyms are terrible. I might just jog over to a field and do some pushups and such.


Saturday – Day 0 of the challenge – again

Turns out the official gym challenge begins Monday. Oh well, why not get a bit of an early start.

The good: breakfast, workout, pushup challenge. I also drank 120oz of water which is part of the upcoming challenge. The baseline workout was way more difficult than I expected for something so simple. I finished 9 rounds, 9 reps.


The okay: we went to a medieval village “fayre” sorta thing and ate lunch there. Could have skipped the bread.

The bad: dinner was steak and asparagus which is great. Too many glasses of wine though.

Day 0 of the challenge

Officially today is the first day of the gym challenge. While I am weighed and scanned (gym has an InBody scanner now, hooray) the kickoff starts today with a baseline workout and then a Q and A session.

From Friday:

Breakfast – good

Lunch – shawarma had pita bread so not good. But fairly light on calories.

Dinner – steak, veggies, some cheese. More wine than my diet would allow on non-Fridays. Small cup of gelato for dessert.

Body: sore from two days of back-intensive workouts. I see a foam roller in my future.

Egg and cheese “omelette”

Gym Challenge

My gym is starting a six week challenge to get fit and lean. I have my starting body composition numbers – goal is set now.

As part of this I’ll be using my blog to keep me honest. If you, my two actual readers, don’t want to see a lot of food and exercise pictures and entries it’s a good time to unfollow for a while.

The goals will include:

  1. Primal eating six days per week with only Fridays being an exception. This has worked for me in the past. It’s similar to the Slow Carb diet which has also worked well for me.
  2. Working out five days per week.
  3. Food and drink recorded daily. Ugh. I hate this part but I know it works.
  4. The gym has an app, coaching, etc. and I will stick to that.

Good luck to me.

Today’s workout