What I am working on now:

  1. Taking some well-deserved time to mentally wander. I’m reading, I’m learning, and yes, I’m napping… a lot.
  2. I’ve started a little startup/business at to explore and solve the problem of distracted driving. We don’t have any money (yet!) but if you want to invest or help, we’re all ears.
  3. I’m helping my brother bring crowd-sourcing to marine mammal research at Whalesight. It’s a big ocean out there and we don’t know much about it.
  4. My wife and I run a daily sports site for people who really don’t like sports very much but need to know one fact a day for business/school/meetings/neighbors. Sound like you? Love to have you join in. Sports Brief Daily.

And of course blogging here on Fairly random, still looking for my “voice” and hope I never quite find it.