Sanitas Valley Trail

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Surprisingly tough hike. Boulder is so lucky to have something like this so close by.

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Mason Lake

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Tough hike today. Clearly time for new boots. Vivobarefoot here I come!

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Boulder area, Flagstaff Trail – Check out my Tour at komoot

Tour 28.04.2018 14:40

Absolutely lovely day out hiking. Gregory Canyon is a grind. But what a wonderful resource.

Bucketlist hiking the Via Dinarica

Seriously, check this out!

We’ve talked a lot about hiking more and we’ve definitely talked about doing a hut-to-hut tour in the Alps. But these photos are amazing!

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Outside – what Seattle really looks like

Lots of people have visited Seattle but most are here for a few days and never see what the city is really like. In the old days I’d tell you about the Puget Sound, the ferries, the mountains, the rain and drizzle… but these days the most iconic site in Seattle is construction and cranes.

The first photo shows one the gazillion building sites in Seattle. According to one report there are 58 cranes currently operating in Seattle – the next biggest use in the U.S. is Los Angeles with 40.

As a native the growth is absolutely stunning. Turn around and an hold house or VA hall is gone and there is a huge hole in the ground. I miss some of the old buildings and restaurants but overall the growth is great.


One of many downtown construction sites. South Lake Union (SLU) used to be garages and welding shops. Now it’s Amazon.



New substation being built in SLU. All these buildings need more power.


Outside – even the sidewalks have moss

More Pacific Northwest scenes – especially during winter everything grows moss… even the sidewalks.

Outside – what Northwest winters usually look like

Perma-gray, rainy, and 45 is what Northwest winters are all about. We rarely get snow but it snows a lot in the nearby mountains.