I am checking out a…

I am checking out a new site, Hellogbye. The reviews, which clearly were not written by real people, say that the UI for this travel app are amazing. Well…
1. The password requirement to create an account are old-fashioned and silly. Rather than allow a human to type a lovely 20 character random-word password they are using the 1 digit, 1 uppercase nonsense. So instead of a secure password they get… my random throwaway password which means no credit card info, ever.
2. Instead of showing me the UX they overlay a video “how to”. Um… if a site needs a video to show me how to use it, odds are pretty good it’s already failed.
3. I listed a source location as Seattle – and it decides to prompt me about which Seattle airport. Guess what? For all practical purposes there is only on airport in Seattle. Why ask this?

And in the end the request resulted in no flight, no hotel, and honestly typing a bunch of words into a box isn’t any better than letting me pick from other controls. I could see a scenario where my search criteria is fuzzier and maybe it helps me sort out options. But right now? Pretty much of an F for experience.

#travel-fail #ai-bot