24 years ago – starting at Microsoft

There are probably better ways to remember these things, but there you go – for 12+ years I have posted things in Facebook and it does a nice job reminding me. Given the privacy issues I’m beginning to pull these things out and publish them on a site that in the end I own. Even if, ironically, the content is public.

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 18.37.13

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Sanitas Valley Trail

Check out my activity on AllTrails.

Surprisingly tough hike. Boulder is so lucky to have something like this so close by.

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Mateo – Boulder

We’ve eaten here before but tonight was a quick happy hour menu… this is a very, very nice burger. The fries are correct.

If I had a complaint or two, a nit… the bacon is not great. And it needed a touch more salt.

Still, very nice.

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West End Tavern

Suspect this is way better in summary. Deck would be lovely.

Had pickles, solid. Wings, meh.

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10 years ago -10 year high school reunion

10 years ago today was, apparently my 10 year high school reunion. Pictured here are two of the people who were responsible for ensuring I made it through high school. Glenny and I were buds sometime end of Freshman, early Soph year. Earlier? Days at the arcade playing Rush’n’Attack turned into overlay drunk nights. Guido (Jason to normal people) and I became friends over lunch and hacky-sack. Guido was also one of the only people I knew who could sing all of the words to Simon and Garfunkel back before they were cool (or cool again).

There were plenty more friends who got me through of course, but I love seeing this photo. Lovely that we are still friends and chat to this day (although Guido and I are long overdue to catch up).

Sorry I missed my 20th this year.