Colorado drivers

I like Colorado. I haven’t been all over the state yet but I sure like it. I like Denver, love Boulder, love the mountains… but let’s have a quick chat about the driving here (full disclosure – the Northwest has the worst drivers in the country, I speak from authority).

For the most part the drivers are the same as everywhere – on their phones, not paying attention, etc. That’s America.

But two things have really stood out for me:

Everyone runs red lights. Spend time driving in Colorado from Ft. Collins to Colorado Springs anyway and you will see that, unlike other places, yellow does not mean hurry up. It means continue doing what you are doing and if the light changes to red, well, too bad, gonna keep on going. I’ve never seen anything like this. I get gridlocked frustration and running a red light, but this constant.

Green does not mean go. Maybe this comes from the above but when a light turns green you are clearly expected to wait 10-20 seconds and then gently meander like an old river forward. Then of course the car behind the first waits… and then “accelerates”. Then the third, well, since the light is now red, slowly advances through the intersection (see point above). And now the light is red. Trust me – 100% of Colorado’s traffic issues could be solved simply by teaching drivers that green = go.

Like I said, I like Colorado a lot. Overall I enjoy driving here (fewer left lane bandits for one).

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