Spinning Silver – highly recommended

I enjoyed Naomi Novik’s earlier book, ‘Uprooted’. It was a fine read, nice fantasy story. In Spinning Silver she takes it a step farther – more fantasy, better world creation, and definitely better use of old fairy tales (I had to go look some up from time to time).

This would make a superb movie.


The Elkay Water Dispenser

In these troubled and harried times can I just say thank you for the Elkay water dispensers that are popping up all over? It seems like such a simple idea – carry a water bottle of some sort and just refill it.

  1. If you are watching your diet nothing is as good as a little extra water.
  2. If you are worried about plastics in the ocean (you should be) then you can use a re-usable water bottle. And even if you need to carry a dolphin-killing plastic water bottle ( 🙂 ) you can still refill it and reduce plastic use that way.

I love when it’s this easy to get a big win for me and for the environment. Sure, you could do this with a normal water dispenser but these suckers are made for water bottles.