Cooking steak – ignore the whole “room temperature” thing

Today’s awesome guest post and video is offered by Head Chef Yankel of ButcherBox. If you’ve been around Mark’s Daily Apple for a while, you’ve likely heard of ButcherBox, a company close to the core Primal values of clean eating, great flavor and healthy sustainability. I’ve been a happy customer and proud affiliate since their…

via 5 Steps To the Perfect Steak—and a 4-Recipe Video — Mark’s Daily Apple

I’m a big fan of Mark Sisson and the work he’s done with Primal Eating. But this article simply repeats an old cooking myth i.e. needing to bring steak to room temperature before grilling. It just doesn’t matter. If the steak is cold it will take a little longer to cook. That’s it. You need to pay attention to the internal temperature and maybe flip the steak a time or two more. But that is truly it.

People do weird things because it’s grill-lore (don’t get me started with people who smoosh the burgers down on the grill and lose all that juice) but it’s time to rise up and ignore what makes no sense and just cook the damned thing.

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