Gym Challenge

My gym is starting a six week challenge to get fit and lean. I have my starting body composition numbers – goal is set now.

As part of this I’ll be using my blog to keep me honest. If you, my two actual readers, don’t want to see a lot of food and exercise pictures and entries it’s a good time to unfollow for a while.

The goals will include:

  1. Primal eating six days per week with only Fridays being an exception. This has worked for me in the past. It’s similar to the Slow Carb diet which has also worked well for me.
  2. Working out five days per week.
  3. Food and drink recorded daily. Ugh. I hate this part but I know it works.
  4. The gym has an app, coaching, etc. and I will stick to that.

Good luck to me.

Today’s workout

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