I spent a few hours listening to the Spotify Top 50. While I am old and out of touch I still like to think I know something about music (I don’t). Here is the thing: yes, most of the music I don’t care for, that’s understandable as it’s not my era. But there are decent tunes out there. And then…

Autotune? Autotune sucks. It sounds bad, it highlights that the song you are about to try to listen to sucks. Just sing. You can, most artists right now can in fact belt it out.

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LDS Temple

Business trip to Salt Lake City. Turns out, whoa, I really liked SLC. Was really surprised. Snapped this photo at the Mormon Temple. Shared this with my family and my Mom reminded me that she once worked nearby and my brother was born in SLC. Definitely on my return travel list.

Note: this post somehow got stuck in my drafts folder – the travel happened some time ago as I backdate this from January 2018 back to September 2017

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Turns out I really liked Salt Lake City.

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