March habit – bikini season approaches

I joke of course – the idea of me in a bikini would violate most of the Geneva Convention. But I do want to “lean out¹” a bit.

My habit this month is simple: no alcohol at home unless we are hosting a dinner of some sort.

I reviewed my caloric intake and honestly it’s not that bad. I eat a lot but I exercise a lot. I have quite a bit of lean muscle mass which burns calories nicely (thank you Mom for these genetics and Crossfit for the muscle mass).

The plan:

  1. Do not buy alcohol for the house unless I know we’re having an event. This is the same tactic that removed sugar, carbs, etc. from the house. If you don’t have it, you won’t eat it.
  2. Habit app – I *love* the reminders to be good and trying to build streaks.

I have my starting weight marked, let’s see how we do.



¹ Apologies to Sheryl Sandberg and all, but I’ve been leaning in a bit too heavily for a while according to my scale.