10 years ago – Go Seahawks (or how I don’t miss Mike Holmgren)

(okay, it’s almost 10  years ago, sue me, 4 days off)

10 years ago I wrote about the Seahawks and a famous playoff game they could have won, should have lost, and then won. Kind of amazing really to go back and read about a team from 10 years ago.


A couple of vignettes:

Yes, Hasselback had a bad game and yes the cornerbacks sell insurance full time for a living and yes something is wrong with the O-line. But c’mon, the Hawks had the ball first and goal on the one yard line. What do you do there? Well let’s see. How about a two tight end set with three guys in the back field and just push ahead for a yard, a touchdown, and make the Cowboys come and beat you.

Go ahead and read that right now. Our secondary is in distress with Earl Thomas out. The O-line is still a mess. And yeah… still bitter about that stupid pass call in the Super Bowl.

But no, Mr. Super Genius decides to run Alexander outside to the left which hasn’t worked all game.

Um… I know, I know… I just said don’t run. but how about variations in scheme. If I can see it then I bet the defense can too.

Anyway… Go Seahawks! Been watching for a lot of years – when they lose now at least it’s usually an interesting game.


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