The wildest, weirdest contraband the TSA confiscated in 2016 – wow people can be dumb

Ever been in a TSA line and grimaced as the person ahead of you asks for the third time “what do you mean I can’t take this water bottle with me?” or after being asked if they have any metal on goes through the scanner, beeps, then angrily discovers that yes, those metal bracelets/watch/belt buckle/etc is in fact metal and does count in the “any metals” question.

This list pretty much confirms the old George Carlin line¹. TSA rules can be confusing, but c’mon, a knife flail? I can sort of imagine how the knife/belt-buckle thing made it to the airport; guy just forgot he was wearing that belt that day. But throwing knives?!?


¹ “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.” — George Carlin

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