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I started blogging in November 2006 I think with WordPress. I moved to Posterous (RIP) for a time. Then I relied on Tumblr for years and was generally happy with the service. Unfortunately with Tumblr’s sale to Yahoo and all of the travails ensuing it seemed prudent to move. I looked at the options and decided that migrating to WordPress and hosting with Bluehost was the way to go. That was a year ago.

Since then I’ve discovered that Bluehost isn’t a great way to go. I don’t mind the minimal service outages; I have few readers and if they need to wait 10 minutes for a machine to reboot it’s okay. But their tech support… wow! I needed to update my credit card information recently, you know, so they could take my money. The tech support was so bad I decided the time was right for another move. Along comes with hosting for 50% of what Bluehost offers. Sure, I cannot use plugins and I cannot manage the PHP code directly – I wind up rarely doing that anyway.

So here we go, embarking on a yet another blog hosting site. Welcome to v5!

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