Why things need to be precise

Podcast: The Tim Ferriss Show
Episode: #193: My Life Extension Pilgrimage to Easter Island
Position: 01:48:47
Link: http://podplayer.net/#/?id=23308459&t=6527

Great example from Pixar about storyboarding and removing distraction. Amazon is the same – 6 pagers are done the way they are so you don’t get distracted with nonsense. 

At work I am often asked “why do we have to do things in a certain way?” Certainly we are always looking for better ways to do things. Better tools are appreciated. But if you can remove the variables you can more easily get to the truth or the solution. I coach junior people about “be an ender, not an extender” ie how often do email threads run on and on… and on without anyone writing a definitive document or cutting a ticket or simply closing the thread with a decision. This happens to some extent because there are no.guidelines, no rails. 

Amazonian 6-pagers aren’t always the answer but having a defined framework for problem-solving is critical.

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