The Trouble with Rollerbags

Rollerbags are evil. They are loud and obnoxious as people drag them along sidewalks. They are terrible in airports when people forget they have 4′ extension attached to themselves and drag it across your shins. They are at their absolute worst boarding a plane of course – everyone has seen the person with the over-sized bag desperately trying to lift the thing into the bin, failing, clunking it down on some poor seated soul, and then needing to walk it all the way back up the aisle and “gate check” it.

When did we start needing rollerbags? I remember flying in the 70s and people carried their luggage. It was brown, hard-sided, and usually made by Samsonite. And it worked just fine. Wikipedia tells me that rollerbags (or rollaboards) were patented in 1970 but they didn’t see widespread use until much later.

Today backpacks are very comfortable and come in a million different styles and sizes. And honestly – shouldn’t you be able to lift your own stuff? Isn’t being mobile one of humanity’s greatest traits (granted, folks with health issues or injuries and such are exempted from this). If you can’t lift it… should you even be taking it with you? Why? Why do you need that many outfits for an overnight business trip? I chuckle when I see all the people with Fitbits and other step counters dragging a bag around; here’s an idea for you – pick up the bag and double the workout!

As I was writing this humorous rant on Facebook it hit me just how unsanitary these bags are too. I’m not a germaphobe by any stretch but think about all the crud you drag your rollerbag through. Now think about putting that bag on your hotel bed or pushing that thing into an airplane bin with someone’s coat. Ewwww… perhaps a self-sanitizing rollerbag is the next step in the evolution of these things.