The Tao of Louis CK

I am not a big Louis CK fan. Sure, I’ve seen a few blurbs here and there and some are funny, some are more crass than I like (and you know what, that’s okay, I change the web page!). But this one hit me just right today.

And you know what, there is a lot of truth here. I got up this morning, went to the gym, did some work from my fancy laptop, used an app to get an Uber to come get me, went to the airport (people in the 70s and 80s… with unreliable cabs, expensive black cars… could not have even imagined Uber) and flew to California. I’m on a damned flying machine and will arrive safely in two hours, see my sister, and get to work the next day and it’s all just magic!

Chin up folks, the world is a wonderful place (and for those for whom it isn’t I’m truly sorry, I know it’s awful out there for some but the cold comforting truth is that it’s overall getting better).