You know what would be a good idea for an app…

I am working on converting an old WordPress site/idea I had (Sports Brief Daily) to a new installation (Flukeslap). It’s tedious. I’m not doing anything magical or particularly difficult but it’s just not turnkey enough.

So here’s an idea – make a simple wizard to get this all running:

  1. Install WordPress on a reasonably-priced host.
  2. Configure you + a backup admin
  3. Connect to Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Instagram (if you don’t have a Facebook page, Twitter account, etc. then create these things)
  4. Connect to MailChimp and get your mailing list widget installed in WordPress
  5. Pick one of the many app shops that turns your WordPress blog into an app and submit the apps to the iOS and Android app stores.

Be done. If you could do this it would help small businesses everywhere with what is otherwise difficult at worst or tedious at best.

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