Seth’s Blog: The flip is elusive

Source: Seth’s Blog: The flip is elusive

The flip is elusive or why don’t we do smarter things in the face of evidence. Look… your Gucci t-shirt isn’t better than a $10 Hanes from Costco. But you buy it anyway. And I paid $800 for an iPhone 6 when I knew that a $300 Android is 90% as good. Things change and people don’t.

Don’t believe me? Try working in tech. Emailing Excel files and Word docs around for collaboration is still the king even though everyone knows this is a terrible, time-wasting idea. There are better tools out there and yet inevitably on the eve of some deadline someone emails (ugh!) a Word doc (ew!) around “with change-tracking on and I will take care of the revisions”. You know it’s broken as you do it… but you do it anyway.

It’s like smoking – you know it causes cancer and it will kill you but what the heck, it’s what you know how to do. Trust me, put the email/Excel/Word down and go find the better tool; your sanity and productivity will thank you.