The disco hypothesis and social jet lag

I recommend reading the full article on sleep at It has some fascinating points to make among them:

  1. We know everyone has different genetics but we assume everyone needs the same amount of sleep *and* that some specific time is the right time to wake up.
  2. “there is a great disconnect between teenagers’ biological abilities and our social expectations of them, encapsulated in what is known as the disco hypothesis — the notion that if only teens would go to bed earlier, meaning not party until late, they’d be better able to wake up clear-headed and ready for school at the expected time” whereas the data shows otherwise.
  3. Daylight Savings Time sucks… well at least doing a time change sucks… it can take up to four weeks for the body to truly adjust.

There is also mention of a Danish school prototype in which the school was assumed to be a service for the students; the students could show up when they wanted to. The results from the study weren’t shared but how fascinating – let kids learn on their own. This has echos with the #remote-work movement in which people work where they want to and to some extent on relaxed schedules.

Don’t let the streams cross

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