This isn’t how Amazon customer support is supposed to work

My brand new Echo stopped working recently. At some point it was fine, then it lit up all blue (usually a firmware update), then it stopped responding. I did all the troubleshooting stuff: the white dot on the back is fine, the mute button lights red so power works, I hit reset…

Email customer support

Hm… 4-5 days later, no reply

Call customer support

Wow, that was prompt. Kudos where they are due.

What customer support did

  • CS: can you unplug the device and …
  • Me: as noted I did that. I also hit reset.
  • CS: can you hit reset
  • Me: um… I did that. I also know power is working since the red mute button lights up.
  • CS: so no response?
  • Me (getting frustrated): correct. As noted. No response, power works, I suspect bad firmware update.
  • CS: let me transfer you to tech support
  • Me: (wondering… weren’t you tech support??)

10-15 minutes being on hold, new CS guy

  • CS: (walks through a few question… should have been in the ticket already)
  • Me: it doesn’t work, I suspect a bad firmware update
  • CS: we will need to replace it. Keep the power adapter and drop the Echo off at UPS.
  • Me: in what box? With what label?
  • CS: put it in the box you got it.
  • Me: (incredulous) you expect people to keep the shipping box?
  • CS: yes.
  • Me: (upset, this isn’t Comcast after all) are you serious? I am going to take my Echo to UPS, drop it off in packaging I don’t have, then wait a few days and then you send another one out? This is Amazon, this is unacceptable.
  • Me: (off to write a blog post and blast Amazon on Facebook and Twitter before returning the Echo and buying a new Google device)

What should have happened

As soon as CS #2 understands that the device is broken:

  • CS: I see that you ordered this on Prime Now. What is a convenient time for us to drop a new Echo off and pick up the old unit?
  • Me: 6-8 PM tonight would be great, you folks are so awesome!!