Iceland is just great

Every time I read an article about Iceland I think “how wonderful that they keep doing this”. Truly:

  1. The Pirate Party is taking the lead in national politics. After the banking crisis they elected a comedian as Prime Minister.
  2. When told they had to take out disastrous loans in the banking crisis they more or less said “nope” and walked away. All the articles at the time said Iceland would never recover and they should have taken the Irish approach and mortgaged their future. Turns out Iceland is doing just fine, thanks.
  3. “Switzerland of Bits” is a great idea. Be the haven for free Internet traffic.
  4. Huge culture of healthy living which is tough given I don’t recall seeing a lot of vegetable farms out there.

I looked into moving to Iceland at one point but somehow couldn’t get the family over the whole “it’s dark all winter” thing. Maybe I can get some sort of deal where I live there for 6 months at a time and then Italy during the winter. Who knows. If some tech company there needs an experienced leader who speaks great English (zero Icelandic) who can commute from Italy/Spain/Portugal in the winter let me know.

#emigrate, #iceland