Converting from Wordpress to Ghost

Over the past week or so I’ve become intrigued by a relatively new blogging platform, Ghost. I’m a big fan of WordPress both in terms of what you can do with it and a fan of the company. That said I always want to learn new things, check out the bright shiny new thing (e.g. when I moved to Tumblr), and understand the technology behind it. I’m not comfortable moving my primary site to Ghost yet so I am working on a few side projects. What I’ve learned so far:

  1. Ghost is very light. And by that I mean both speedy (good) and lacking features (uh oh). Ghost is sort of the Notepad as compared to Word. That may be good or bad depending on your need.
  2. Ghost is easy to install. There aren’t many settings to mess with (or mess up).
  3. Installing Ghost themes is so far out of reach (for me). For many this would be a deal-breaker; for me this is a nice learning chance.
  4. Very few plugins. This is where WordPress really shines. Want to change your blog? Great, find one of the million plugins that do something for you. I bet Ghost will begin to see this ecosystem soon. There are two reasons: first, Ghost is built on node.js and node.js is the current shining star in the geek galaxy and second, there is a gap in plugins so developers will start to earn money filling that gap.
  5. Ghost supports markdown. I’m a markdown junkie as I am *done* with tools that corrupt or change my formatting when I move my content around.

Bottom Line

Unless you like tinkering with things or you are okay with a minimalist blog, Ghost isn’t for you. It’s getting better but if you want something full-featured stick with WordPress… for now. I think it’s good for everyone that there is a new choice and a team thinking about things differently.


  1. I moved to I like the name better and think I will start writing a weekly topic or two on sports again. Daily was killing me, kudos to those who are able to publish every… single… day…
  2. I started as a place to park various side projects. It was getting rough to bring up a new site for each new project.

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