British Military Fitness –> Crossfit

Five years ago I wrote about an app, British Military Fitness. The app is fairly simple: you listen to an instructor and he tells you to do a workout. Simple, right? Turns out those workouts are killers. They are a mix of situps, pushups, jumping jacks, sprints, etc. These are all bodyweight moves and designed to be done in a park i.e no weights and no gym.

Five years later I do Crossfit five times a week. And as I look through the workouts they really aren’t that different except Crossfit uses heavy weights at times. Amazing how nothing much really changes — you can’t get away from the idea of moving your body rapidly through space to stay healthy.

What is interesting is it looks like the company behind British Military Fitness has given up on the app. Their main website and coursework is all current and fresh but the app site itself shows an iPhone 3 and their Twitter support page hasn’t been updated since 2010. The app’s Facebook page is also offline. Sad to see this app go away but this is an opportunity for someone to step in and keep up the good, simple, work.

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