Why do they stop making great products?

The verdict: pretty good. My feet were never cold and  really enjoyed wearing a thick wooly sock. The ground-feel was nice although not as crisp as the FiveFinger KSOs, closer in feel to the Bikilas I wore for the Dublin Marathon. The footbox is wide, no hot spots, just generally good. The one thing I noticed is they are louder than the FiveFingers. Running barefoot or in FiveFingers you run almost silently, ninja-style. It’s one of the treats of running barefoot is to job next to someone in traditional shoes and hear them clumping and galumphing along. The EVO II’s are just a little less quiet somehow.

Source: Terra Plana Evo II | Bricin

I wrote this review five years ago. Since then I learned that a) this was about the best shoe ever made and b) somehow the company is now Vivo Barefoot. These shoes were great and I bought several pairs of them as I wore them out. My son wore a few pairs out too. And I bought some of their dressier versions for work. The Evo II was waterproof, solid enough to wear daily to Crossfit, mountain bike, and dressy enough for work. Loved this shoe and they simply don’t have anything like it anymore.

So why did they stop making these? The only reason I can figure is that some of the shoes had trouble with the glue. Some pairs would simply separate the upper from the lower. I assume all those returns were expensive and since I was apparently the only person buying them they discontinued these shoes. Some running shoe manufacturers do a similar thing to ensure that you keep buying a new and often more expensive shoe. In this case though there is nothing for me to “upgrade” to.

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