5 years ago: gluten free and paleo weren’t a thing

Why no bread? I think I understand why no bread from white flour, but why not whole grain? Why not sprouted grains.

Source: Questions about Tim Ferriss’ Slow-Carb Diet | Bricin

What’s interesting about this post from five years ago was that I had not yet stumbled onto paleo, Mark Sisson’s primal concepts, and the entire world of gluten free was not prevalent. Since then:

  1. Paleo has become mainstream
  2. Many people have removed gluten from their diets. That’s a mixed bag since often they replaced a gluten-y food with something that overall was worse for them. Worse most removed gluten without knowing *why* and whether the science was clear (it’s not, pretty mixed bag).
  3. Interesting that even five years ago I was asking about sprouted grains (generally considered paleo). I never followed up much as the easiest thing for me is to cut out wheat. For me this is less about gluten than it is about a) calories and b) all the other junk that wheat tends to wrap up (e.g. a donut).
  4. Our family diet has settled into a pretty solid slow-carb system albeit the kids eat more carbs than I do. We need to eat more fish and shellfish but overall the diet is pretty solid.

Amazing how long these cycles take.

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