4 years, no more Lift app, habits unformed

Not a resolution, but habitsMost years I make resolutions and usually do a pretty good job on them. Mostly.This year though I’ve been reading about the importance of habits and not goals. As such my resolution this year is to get back to my recurring monthly attempts to create a sharper life.For January I am going to spend the month using Lift to build and track daily habits. It’s not perfect but the team has added features I need (eg reminders). My habits this month will include weighing in daily, practicing French, etc.

Source: Not a resolution, but habits | Bricin

What stands out about this post from four years ago is that:

  1. The Lift app no longer exists, it was re-named Coach.me. And for whatever reason when I try to use it it no longer works very well.
  2. While I’ve been weighing in I cannot say that has panned out very well. I’ll do an update on that in the next few weeks.
  3. No French. My ability to speak French, such as it was, has completely disappeared.

So yep, my habit really didn’t stick so back to the drawing board.

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