New Year 2016 Resolutions

As I’ve written about before, doing a full year’s worth of resolutions is not usually successful. As such I try one new habit per month. But January is always the toughest month as a) it’s dark winter and b) the pressure to sort out a whole new year is upon us. So this year I have a hybrid resolution and it’s a mixed-up jumble:

  1. At my gym: we are doing the 100 Days Challenge. This means on Jan 1 do 1 rep, Jan 2, 2 reps, and so on until Day 100. For many they are doing burpees but given that burpees are terrible I am doing pushups and air jump squats instead. I am tracking this in my gym’s community page on Facebook.
  2. For health: in January I plan to have no beer or wine in the house. If it isn’t in the house, I don’t consume it (see earlier success with sugary stuff). The best way to reduce calories and wasted time is simply not to have easy access to bad habits. I will track this with my weight tracking webapp + updates here.
  3. In life: I will stick to one new habit per month for 2016. And write about it. I will track this here.

There are so many other new habits I want to add but in the sense of saying no I will put these off until February. Some of the other habits I want to take up in 2016:

  • A gratitude journal. I have an app idea for this, let’s see how it goes.
  • Get one of my projects off the ground and bringing in some income.
  • Finishing my book aka 1000 words per day.
  • I plan to start cooking one vegetarian (but still primal) dinner and one fish-based meal per week. I love meat and see nothing wrong with eating meat sensibly but there is nothing wrong with expanding my horizons and trying some new foods as well. Hey, I made vegetarian Boeuf Bourguignon (tempeh) and people liked it; all things are possible.

Here is to a successful 2016, as great as 2015 was overall.

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