From Azure to Bluehost

I decided to move my personal blog form Microsoft Azure to Bluehost. The conversation in my brain went something like this:

  1. Azure-hosted WordPress sites are terribly slow. The functionality is fine, but the speed, whew.
  2. Azure offers no real support for the lowest tier of service. No chat, no help, etc. You can file a trouble ticket but my experience with Azure trouble tickets is they are long, unhelpful, and just plain wrong usually.
  3. I need to learn what else is out there in the wide world (never stop learning). Bluehost won some reviews and many friends use it. So here we go.

First, the pros:

  1. $1.95 / month.
  2. Although it was somewhat slow and painful I did get an agent on chat to help me get up and running. I found it humorous when the agent remarked that I needed my “Hostmonster” account info. “Um… this is Bluehost, right?” “Oh yes, sorry”. Apparently Bluehost and Hostmonster share the same support lines.

And now the cons:

  1. They are not set up to deal with migrating a site. Creating a new site if nice I guess, but migrating a site required a helpdesk chat. This needs to get better.
  2. $1.95 / month in fact is charged for the full year. So cancel if you will, they have your cash. You can cancel and I assume get some pro-rated money back but it requires a phone call; who does phone calls these days?
  3. My Tumblr import has messed up categories and tags so my site is all vanilla now. Reminder: back up your site more often, sigh.

It’s early in my migration. I will say that Azure somehow broke my entire admin site. Thankfully I cross-post everything to Tumblr so I still have a record of my last 5+ years. Reminder to me: back up your data more often.

#hosting, #tech