The Power of Less and my December habit

In the course of my gap year / sabbatical I’ve fallen out of the habit of waking up and thinking about my day. What I coach every new product manager is that every day there will be more thin…

Source: December habit – three things

Good article this morning via Tim Ferriss’ blog. The post reviews a few parts of a new book by Leo Babauta (Zen Habits). The key part of this excerpt is this: one habit, one month. That’s it. There are other words here and some good ideas but if you take away one thing it’s that.

What I’ve found this month so far is that I fall away from my December habit/goal in two ways:

  1. I get lazy with the holidays, skiing, or something else.
  2. I added in a “gratitude” habit and that has at times overwhelmed my “3 things” habit.

In terms of laziness and all the solution I’m drifting towards is simply to set one or more of my daily goals to doing some of those things that I need to do at this time of year. Grocery shopping for a big dinner is one. Sleeping in and reading a book to get over a cold is another. Skiing. And yet somehow I wouldn’t add any of these to my short task list for the day. That’s a mistake and something I’m correcting.

While I like my new “gratitude” writing the problem is that it takes up the exact same mental energy and time as the 3 Tasks habit. So I can’t do both, at least not right now*. For the rest of December, back to 3 Tasks.


  •  I have an idea for an app or template that allows me to do the morning/evening gratitude journal as well as the 3 task model. But at the moment “sketching out gratitude + task app” task hasn’t made it to a daily top of the stack list. I’m hoping to get to this before the end of December.

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