90 years, graphically : sobering and eye-opening at once

A new post over at The Tail End is quite sobering. The point is fairly simple at first: the average life span of a human isn’t very long, you better get cracking.

Go ahead and do what everyone else does and mark off the number of boxes you’ve already lived. Sobering, right?

But the article moves into the eye-opening as it then walks through some very mundane items like number of times you will have pizza, Chinese food, or do some other activity you love. The graphic nature of this is interesting. But it really hits the gut when it matches your chart with someone else’s chart, e.g. a parent. And suddenly you see that your chances of interacting with a parent or any other loved on are very, very finite and moving quickly away. The sage advice: make it count, own the list of people you interact with, and quality time matters.

Great message at Christmas.