December habit – three things

In the course of my gap year / sabbatical I’ve fallen out of the habit of waking up and thinking about my day. What I coach every new product manager is that every day there will be more things to do than you can ever get done. Focus on 3-5 tasks daily. That’s all, just 3-5 tasks that are finished every day and you will be way ahead of the game.

For me this will be a very simple habit:

  1. My alarm goes off Monday-Friday at 5:52am.
  2. Rather than fall back asleep I will spend the next five to ten minutes thinking about my day and deciding what three things I need to get done (not five; this is sabbatical after all and December to boot).
  3. I’ll highlight those three tasks in Wunderlist (current task list of choice since it integrates with PomoDone as well as GitHub)
  4. Each day around 4pm I’ll figure out if I did what I needed to do or not and update my blog (yes, this might be the most boring blog ever by that point).

Seems simple, right? Well I know that my task list is huge given all the projects I’m working on (,, Sports Brief Daily, writing a novel, reading lots of books, and getting fit) and since I have all of my tasks in Wunderlist this seems pretty straightforward 🙂

Feel free to nag or comment to keep me honest this month.

One thought on “December habit – three things

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