One key thing about remote work: move!

Telecommuting can blur the boundaries between work and home, to the detriment of both, but it doesn’t have to.

Source: 7 Ways to Make Working Remote Work Better

Most articles point out some of the key items about remote work and these are important: routine, space, good headphones, standing desk, etc.

But what these articles miss is one of the joys of remote work: You can get up and move to somewhere else! In the early weeks of getting a remote startup going I felt pent up, trapped in the house. Then I wondered why I was feeling that. When I had a corporate job I would leave the house, commute, walk outside to get lunch, and move around the office all day. Why then did I feel compelled to be in one place in my house now?

The tip then is to make yourself portable:

  1. Love your laptop. Get a good one you feel comfortable using anywhere.
  2. Keep documents, data, anything you need for your job in the cloud. Dropbox is good, Box too, iCloud if you are 100% Mac, etc.
  3. Have a good laptop bag. Mine has a power cable for my laptop, a cable for my iPhone, headphones, pens, some paper, and an umbrella. Pretty simple but it means I can grab it and go.
  4. Find a few different spots you like. For me this is a coffee shop or two nearby and also a pub or two for late afternoon working (doubles as a social meeting spot later).

Bottom line: you have a remote job, revel in it.